‘5’ Words For More Success In Your Golf Game


One of the biggest lessons any of us can learn is summarized in the final ‘5 words’ of this Walt Disney quote:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

It’s the foundation of success.

When it comes to one of my prospective golf fitness and total performance clients reaching their goals… these ‘5’ key words are the basis for everything when it come to achieving their ideal scene total wellness and performance results in their golf game.

It’s the ONLY way anything is going to ever improve your game… you have to take action and start doing! It’s how you’re going to take your dreams about being a better player and turn them into reality.

No more dreaming… it’s time to start doing!

Whether you have a goal of lowering your scores, gaining more distance off the tee, being a more solid ball striker, hitting more fairways and/or greens, or sinking more putts… at some point you have to stop just thinking, dreaming and talking about it and start taking the proper steps toward making what you truly want to actually happen… in your lifetime!!!

We’ve all had our share of talk about what we’re ‘going to do’… someday.

With my clients, I regularly hear comments like…
• “I’m going to start eating better…starting next Monday.”
• “After the kids go back to school, then I’ll start my golf stretching and strengthening program.”
• “As soon as I meet my work project deadline at the end of the month, then I’ll get back into practicing my golf swing drills.”

L.R. Hubbard once said:

“In order to ‘HAVE’ something you’ve never had before,
You need to ‘BE’ someone you’ve never been before, and,
You need to ‘DO’ something you’ve never done before.”

So start TODAY by deciding what you really want to improve about your total golf performance. Then, start immediately to take action… commit to start DOING the action steps instructed by your support team of golf-specific training professionals who are showing you the most efficient way to reach your total golf performance goals. This is the BEST way to making BIG things happen in your game… once and for all!

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