Fully Remote Training Programs

With online programs like the “Super Power Golf" Training System and the “1% Club” Membership Program, Callaway Golf Fitness offers the comprehensive, affordable at-home golf fitness training you deserve as a student.

"Your golf body controls your golf swing"
Instructional eBooks

The Callaway Golf Fitness online store boasts a diverse inventory of instructional eBooks written by Dr. Paul Callaway himself. Our resources, designed for instructors and students alike, are filled with training exercises and expert advice.

"Your golf body controls your golf swing"
Trust a Golf Expert

As a licensed physical therapist and certified sports psychology coach with over 31 years of professional teaching experience, Dr. Paul Callaway has the knowledge, wisdom and perspective to help you take your mental and physical performance to new heights.

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Take Your Golf Performance To the Next Level

Has your golf game reached a plateau? Are you looking for more speed, power, and explosive distance in your swing? Callaway Golf Fitness is here to help. For over 30 years, Dr. Paul Callaway has provided golfers with integrated golf performance enhancement services. Dr. Callaway utilizes physical and mental exercises to improve the overall fitness of his students and make permanent positive changes to their golf technique.

Complimentary Consultation

This 30-minute consultation and golf posture screening is a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with Dr. Paul Callaway to have him learn more about your current golf-specific physical fitness, mental game, and on-course performance levels. The information collected during the free consultation will help you decide whether the comprehensive Initial Performance Evaluation or one of the other Callaway Golf Fitness Training program options is best for you.

Initial Performance Evaluation

This 120-Minute Initial Evaluation specifically measures your golf-specific 'physical' and 'mental' performance factors including posture, balance, flexibility, strength and endurance... full swing, bio-mechanical video analysis, and swing speed assessment... mental focus, visualization, concentration and confidence levels.

Golf Fitness

Based on the Comprehensive Golf-Specific Initial Performance Evaluation, Dr. Paul Callaway prescribes your very own golf 'fitness' and 'golf mental game' training program that is delivered through a progressive series of periodized training sessions personally coached by Dr. Paul.

Golf’s Most Innovative Training Systems

As the first-ever Director of Golf Fitness on the PGA Tour, Dr. Paul Callaway enjoys a reputation as one of the sport’s most knowledgeable experts. His credentials include certifications as a Licensed Physical Therapist and a Certified Sports Psychology Coach (CSPC). Dr. Callaway offers a forward-thinking, holistic approach to performance enhancement, combining mental and physical approaches to help students reach their maximum potential.

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Learn From Home

In addition to in-person tutelage at the Cantigny Golf Academy in Wheaton, IL, Callaway Golf Fitness also offers two fully remote online training programs: the “1% Club” Membership Program and the "Super Power Golf" Training System. These services provide students with complete online access to both standardized ("Super Power Golf") and customized (“1% Club”) training programs.

"Super Power Golf"
Training System

Have you been losing distance off the tee? Are you tired of being the "shortest hitter" in your foursome? The "Super Power Golf" Training System could be the affordable, at-home training solution you need! Dr. Paul Callaway designed "Super Power Golf" to offer a training progression that will develop increased swing speed, higher explosive power and massive distance gains. Used properly, the program can give you a boost of 30 yards or more off the tee in just 30 days!

“1% Club”
Online Training

The “1% Club” Membership Program is the crown jewel of our remote training programs. It provides each subscribed member with customized at-home golf training lessons designed to improve physical fitness and mental acuity. As a member of the “1% Club” you will get to receive personalized support directly from Dr. Paul Callaway.

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Get started with golf's most innovated training system for free. Choose an option below to receive a free lesson or free swing analysis, directly from one of golf's most knowledgeable experts, Dr. Paul Callaway.

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