Attention All Slicers! Fix Your Slice For Good!

Are you a golfer who constantly battles the dreaded ‘banana ball’? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to stop slicing the ball off the grid with no significant or permanent fix to your problem? If so, please give me your complete attention… right now! The information you’re about to learn will change your golf game FOREVER!

Let me start out by saying, I can fully identify with how frustrated you feel as a chronic slicer!


‘Slicing’ is the #1 swing flaw and cause of frustration among amateur golfers!

Believe me when I tell you that there’s never been a worse slicer than me! I actually gave up the game twice… once as a junior golfer and once in college… because of my utter frustration and total embarrassment of slicing the ball so badly. I would either lose the ball out of bounds or I’d have to play the hole from 1-2 fairways over. My golf buddies saw me at the tee and then eventually on the green… but never walking down the same fairway together because of my ridiculous slice. And, because I thought I needed to aim so far to the left in my attempt to correct for my slice, on the rare occasion that the ball did not slice to the right, instead I’d pull hook my ball OB to the left.

In my mind, the thought of never playing golf again compared to facing even one more round with my pathetic slice was the least painful option… so I quit! I couldn’t continue to afford the cost of losing so many balls every round and I had become the slowest player in my foursome as I looked for my wayward balls in the woods on every hole. It just wasn’t fun playing anymore. I was totally miserable! Can you relate?

However, let me assure you, there’s a very happy ending to my story. I’ve returned to playing golf… the best golf of my life… and I no longer fear the dreaded slice! I’ve discovered the real ‘anti-slice’ solution, once and for all, and I’m about to share this proven method for permanently curing your slice right now!

If you commit to following the slice-busting system I’m about to introduce to you, you’ll not only start hitting longer and much straighter shots than ever before, you’ll actually start consistently hitting controlled ‘draws’ with all of your clubs… even with your driver… in a matter of 2-4 weeks, or less! Guaranteed! In fact, as you’ll soon learn, you can be hitting draws for the first time in your life within 15 swings!

Don’t believe me? Check this out…

I want you to meet professional golf instructor, Eric Cogorno, of


Follow the simple swing training progression Eric provides in his Reverse Slice Sequence Training System and you’ll be amazed how quickly and easily you’ll be transformed from a chronic ‘slicer’ to a golfer who can now consistently ‘draw’ the ball.

When I started moving the ball from right to left it felt like a dream come true. My game was totally rejuvenated once my old slice patterns were changed for good. And, you too, can now play the golf of your dreams by learning more about the Reverse Slice Sequence Training System.

As importantly, what I’ve also learned as a golf fitness training specialist is that… “Behind every swing flaw there’s ‘physical’ cause.” -Dr. Jim Suttie

Based on the law of ‘structure’ governs ‘function’your golf body ‘structure’ is what controls your golf swing ‘function’. Therefore, the slice swing motion that produces your slice ball flight is directly caused by one or more physical/structural factors within your body. That’s precisely why you, and every other slicer, haven’t been able to correct your slice through golf instruction and practicing swing drills alone. Your body structural imbalances, if left unchanged, will never allow you to fully benefit from practicing functional swing drills – no matter how much you practice them! The law states ‘structure governs function’… not ‘function governs structure’!!!

So start obeying the law of ‘structure governs function’. When you first improve the physical/structural elements of your body to support the natural changes in your swing motion you will then start experiencing the benefits of practicing the proper swing drills from your golf swing coach that will now enable you to play a controlled draw whenever you want… freely, naturally and with reduced stress and strain on your body! Guaranteed!

Specifically, if you’re a consistent slicer, your golf address posture needs to be evaluated before anything else. What your golf coach and golf fitness training specialist will typically find is that, as a right-handed golfer, your golf address posture will reveal an overly side-bent middle (thoracic) spine from the front/back view… instead of shoulders and hips that are parallel to each other and a straight spine that is slightly ’tilted’ to the right (see the front/back address posture pictures below).


A ‘Slice’ Address Posture is Side-bent to the Right and Rotated ‘Open’ (Left) to the Target Line

When your spine is side-bent to the right at address it will also slightly rotate to the left. Therefore, your shoulders and hips are often ‘open’ (aimed to the left of the target line). The combination of a side-bent right and rotated left upper torso at address will prevent your natural spine rotational motion necessary to make a fluid backswing with your arms and club rotating in a connected fashion with your spine and shoulders. Instead, you will quickly feel resistance building up in the rotational muscles and joints of your spine and upper body as you begin your take-away. And, as your body movement will always follow the path of least resistance, your upper torso will slow down while your pelvis, hips, legs, arms begin to over-rotate as much as they can to complete your backswing… and to create the feeling of a fully-loaded club at the top. This now, is where your slice forward swing motion begins.


Slicers with side bent and rounded spines at address often have ‘open’ shoulders and hips to the target line.

If you’ve created a full backswing position that consists of overly ‘deep’ arms and club position that are ‘dis-connected’ and trapped too far behind the front of your body then you’ll perceive the greatest amount of loading in the upper body muscles and joints of your arms, shoulders, chest, and spine… instead of the larger power muscles and joints of your lower body. Then, by law, your forward swing transition will begin by first un-loading your upper body, arms and club from the top-down… and with a swing path that moves from the ‘outside-to-inside’. Your side-bent to the right spine angle at address will be predisposed to reverse it’s tilt to the left as you complete your backswing and your forward swing rotation will be forced to start by rotating your right shoulder, arms and club down and ‘forward’ toward the ball. This is the cause of the classic, slicer’s ‘over-the-top’ downswing. You can’t out-think it, the ’cause-and-effect’ body motion happens way too fast for you to control with your conscious thought. The over-the-top, outside-to-inside swing motion with an open clubface that makes your ball slice is ‘structurally’ driven by your body. So, to fix your slice you will want to fix the true cause… your body!


Over-the-top (outside-to-inside) swing path most common to ‘slice’ ball flight.

In contrast, a ‘draw’ ball flight is first created through an address posture that consists of a ‘Capital Letter I’ spine tilt to the right (right-handed golfer) with a stable, ‘straight’ spine connecting parallel shoulders and hips/pelvis.


This proper ‘Capital Letter I’ address posture, once achieved through the proper muscle and joint re-balancing exercises, will enable you to rotate your middle spine and upper torso into your complete backswing from the top-down while maintaining your arms/club more connected to the front of your body at the top. You will rotate much more efficiently from your middle (thoracic) spine while stabilizing your lower (lumbar) spine, pelvis, hips and legs for greater coil potential in the larger muscles and joints of your lower body and with reduced stress to your lower back.


Tiger Woods demonstrating a full shoulder turn around a stable lower body with fully-connected arms and club to the front of the upper body.

This improved address posture will also help you initiate your forward swing around a stable spine angle that releases from the ‘ground-up’ and more naturally unwinds your lower body before your arms and upper torso in the proper sequence to support an ‘inside-to-outside’ swing path to produce a draw ball flight and the consistently more powerful swing that you’ve always wanted.


Inside-to-outside’ swing path helps produce a draw.

To sum it all up, if you’re a frustrated slicer… like I use to be… don’t give up quite yet! I assure you, you can fix your slice once and for all!

You simply need to schedule an evaluation with a professional golf instructor and golf-specific fitness specialist who will work together to help you improve your golf address posture and any physical imbalances in your current body structure that have been blocking your ability to set up correctly and complete a full swing motion that naturally produces a draw ball flight.

When you integrate the custom exercise progression that is right for you with the simple, swing re-education drills, like the ones you will find in Eric Cogorno’s Reverse Slice Sequence Training Systemyour slicing days will be gone forever!

For more information about this article and/or you want to speak with me about how to cure your slice… or any other golf total performance challenge… please feel free to contact me directly. I would really appreciate the opportunity to help you!

Your partner in success,


Dr. Paul Callaway, PT, PhD, CSPC

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