GOLFERS! Struggling With Too Many Negative Thoughts?

As a physical therapist specializing in the ‘physical’ part of total golf performance, I mainly help golfers condition their body structure (posture, balance, flexibility, strength, stability and conditioning) to support their full swing mechanics and prevent golf injuries. However, I learned a long time ago, that our golf ‘body’ is truly an instrument of our … Read more

The ‘Most Important’ Element Of Any Golf Fitness Workout – SLEEP!

As important as the quantity and quality of your golf-specific fitness training program is to the effectiveness of the physical improvements in your body structure and your overall swing performance potential, as it turns out, there’s something even ‘more’ important. Believe it or not, it’s SLEEP! Both the quality and quantity of your sleep is … Read more

This Miracle Drill Stops ‘ALL’ Slicing And Adds Power Instantly!

After proper posture at address, learning how to make the proper transition from your complete backswing to your forward swing is vital to your ability to performing a powerful swing that is both on ‘plane’ and on ‘path’… instead of the weak, over-the-top ‘slice’ or pull shot so typical among most amateur players. Therefore, I … Read more