GOLFERS! ‘5’ Keys To Protecting Your Joints NOW!

Lower back, hips, knees, shoulders and necks. These are the ‘top 5’ joint areas of the body that can potentially suffer from the greatest amount of wear and tear when you play golf. And, as the 1st PGA Tour Physical Therapist, it was very important that I learned how to understand the root causes of these common joint pain problems if I was going to be helpful in treating and preventing these golf-related conditions on tour.

Thankfully, I was blessed to have a very wise mentor early in my physical therapy training process who taught me,

“Find the symptom(s), and look elsewhere for the cause(s).”

Because when it comes to golf and the forces that contribute to the gradual breakdown in golfer’s joints that the medical system diagnoses as ‘Degenerative’ or ‘Osteo-arthritis, the solution to treating and preventing this common condition in all body areas comes from looking beyond the areas of pain and addressing the real cause…

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