GOLFERS! Struggling With Too Many Negative Thoughts?

As a physical therapist specializing in the ‘physical’ part of total golf performance, I mainly help golfers condition their body structure (posture, balance, flexibility, strength, stability and conditioning) to support their full swing mechanics and prevent golf injuries.

However, I learned a long time ago, that our golf ‘body’ is truly an instrument of our golf ‘mind’… and without the proper ‘mind-body’ connection in all aspects of our total golf performance, we will never achieve our true golf performance potential.

Consequently, even though I’m first and foremost a golf fitness coach, I spend plenty of time working with my golf performance clients on the mental game of golf… as it relates to achieving their full potential… and not blocking their physical ability to perform because of too many ‘negative’ thoughts both ‘on’ and ‘off’ the golf course.

So, if you’re struggling with too many negative thoughts about your golf game such as, “I’m a terrible golfer”… or, “I never hit the ball solid”… or, “I’m the shortest hitter in my league”… then I want to share with you a very helpful ‘mental’ training exercise that can help you shift your thinking… and dramatically enhance your results.

Understand, before you’ll ever empower your body and swing to perform at the level you truly desire, you’ll first need to break the bad habit of ‘thinking’ negative thoughts about your current experience… and turn your thoughts more positively toward what you truly want to experience in your game.

There are actually quite a number of ways to de-condition a negative performance thought pattern. The basic idea is to replace the ‘old’ thought pattern with a ‘new’ one.
Mentally ‘resisting’ the undesirable negative thought will usually backfire – you’ll actually reinforce it and make it even worse! The more you revisit the negative thought and fire those neurons in your attempt to remove the thought completely, the stronger the thought pattern becomes.

Instead of trying to resist the negative thought pattern, it’s better to ‘re-direct’ it. Take the energy of the negative thought and re-channel it into a positive thought.

With a little mental re-conditioning practice, whenever the negative thought occurs, your mind will recognize the negative thought and automatically flow/transition into the linked positive thought.

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