How To Hit More Greens In Regulation – Guaranteed!

Every golfer I work with in a custom golf performance enhancement training program sets the goal for shooting lower scores. They want to improve their scoring and lower their handicap. And, to accomplish this goal, most golfers I train also want to hit longer, straighter drives with an improved fairways in regulation stat. Nothing wrong with that! However, as important as driving accuracy is to improved scoring, the #1 stat that actually improves overall scoring and total golf performance is GREENS in REGULATION!

That’s right, for most amateur golfers, hitting more greens… combined with solid putting… is relatively more important and will bring your scores down quicker than longer, more accurate drives.

Just think about it, have your ever blasted a perfect drive right down the middle of the fairway setting yourself up for an easy par or maybe even a birdie… only to miss the green on your approach shot and end up with a bogey? Very FRUSTRATING right?

It really doesn’t matter how long or straight you hit your driver if you can’t consistently hit greens in regulation. You will always struggle to shoot the scores you deserve if you aren’t accurate in distance and direction control with your irons into the green. To avoid this problem focus on the 3 tips below when you’re addressing your approach shots…

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