New And Simple Way To ‘Smash’ Your Drives Like Never Before!

Tired of hitting weak drives and watching your distance diminish year after year? Then say goodbye to weak drives and discover my new and simple method for developing the power and speed needed to literally SMASH your drives like never before… and gain more distance with all of your clubs.

I discovered this training method more recently and I’m kind of embarrassed that I didn’t think of it sooner. But I have fully tested the approach with all of my golf fitness and performance clients who are looking for more distance and… it works really well!

Here’s how it works…

It’s been known for a long time now that the longest hitters on tour get most of their energy and power in their swings from the ground up. In other words, by compressing their legs and body weight down into the ground at the proper times during their swing cycle, the energy travels back up from the ground, through their body and back down through the golf club to the golf ball at impact.


There are ‘two’ times during your golf swing that you should feel your body get ’heavier’ as you compress into the ground for more power in your swing:

1) During our backswing
2) During the transition for forward swing

Your backswing loading or compression down into the inside ball of your back foot (right foot for a right hand golfer) should occur gradually from address to the completion of your entire backswing. This allows for optimal
coiling (accumulation and storage of energy) of your upper body rotational separation over a stable lower body.

Transition to forward swing
Once you’ve reached the top of your full backswing, you now make a slight weight transfer back to a 50/50 weight distribution as you also compress both feet even more firmly into the ground. There should be very little unwinding of your upper body coil during this transition phase of your swing — only a downward compression of your body weight into the ground through both feet as your legs, hips and pelvis begin their initial rotation back toward the target. Your hips and legs will bend slightly more than they were at address and you will feel your ab muscles, butt muscles, hip and thigh muscles contract as though you were about to ‘hop’ slightly off the ground.

Now that you are fully compressed and loaded into the ground, it’s time to simply unwind and release all of the stored energy remaining in your body around your stable spine angle. When you have performed the compression elements of your swing properly, huge amounts of power will be transferred from your body down through the golf club and to the ball at impact for explosive amounts of swing speed and increased distance potential.

My Discovery: The ‘Twist and Hop’ Drill

Here is the simple and very effective drill I discovered to help you build the compression forces and new-found power potential into your game. Try this simple ‘Twist and Hop’ Drill I’ve put together to get the feel for how to build more compression forces and power into your full swing.

And, if you’d like to learn more about how to get a customized, golf fitness and total performance training program for yourself, let me help! I’ve got custom golf fitness training programs to meet every golfer’s individual needs.

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