How to Practice: The ‘Proper Practice’ Formula – digital eBook

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The MIND MASTERY GOLF’s HOW TO PRACTICE: The ‘Proper Practice’ Formula is an 8-page digital eBook written by Dr. Paul Callaway, Ph.D., CPSC to provide you with the simple and highly-effective formula for how to make the most of your golf practice time on the range… and to make your golf performance on the ‘course’ just as effective as your experience on the ‘range’.


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With the ‘Proper Practice’ Formula, you will become a high-level golfer who can:

· Make a conscious decision about what ideal shot to play.

· Imagine the ideal shot and see the ideal shot in your mind’s eye.

· Connect physically with the emotions of the imagined ideal shot as though the shot has already been perfectly played (remember that a feeling is the physical manifestation of a thought).

· Then, with full expectation and confidence of playing the perfect shot, move into your golf address position with maintained clarity of thought regarding your chosen target and the ideal shot you’ve decided to play.

· And finally, simply play your shot with complete freedom and ease… with the ‘only’ conscious thought during the full swing process being… TARGET! 


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