MIND MASTERY GOLF Pre-Tournament Confidence Builder Audio Session and Digital eBook

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The MIND MASTERY GOLF Pre-Tournament Confidence Builder 30-Minute MP4 Audio Session and digital eBook will help you be fully prepared going into any  tournament or competitive golf opportunities. You will learn how to remain patient, 100% committed to every shot, and completely focused on only what you can control… your ‘process’. This is the only way, under the pressure of tournament golf, that you can play freely and the to best of your potential.

100% 30-day Guarantee – Get all your money back if not satisfied after 30 days!

When you’re finished with this session you’ll be able to: 

● Enjoy the round no matter how you play

● Control your nerves and maintain an optimal level of excitement

● Feel like there’s no limit to your scoring potential

● Shift your focus from score to process, for better shots

● “Bounceback” by reframing your mind after you’ve hit a poor shot



Section 1: Choose to Enjoy Your Round and be excited, not fearful, about the possibilities

Section 2: What should your goals be for today?

Section 3: Separate you the player from you the person

Section 4: Visualize a good round

Section 5: Pre-round warm-up

Section 6: Dealing with First tee nerves

Section 7: Dealing with Mistakes and hitting the reset button

Section 8: Have a solid shot routine

Section 9: Trust your swing

Section 10: The Time In Between

Section 11: Your identity statement

Section 12: The importance of eating and drinking right



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