The “1% Club” Membership Program

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Dr. Paul Callaway's MIND MASTERY GOLF '1% Club' Membership Program provides each subscribed member with fully-remote, customized, golf-specific 'physical' fitness and 'mental' game coaching... plus other 'Member's Only' services that are accessed 'on-line' with complete, step-by-step, e-based support from Dr. Paul Callaway.

100% 30-day Guarantee - Get all your money back if not satisfied after 30 days!

Step 1: Complete your '1% Club' Membership Program purchase.

Step 2: Download your Initial Evaluation Materials and follow the instructions provided to complete your Initial Evaluation

Step 3: Email your Initial Evaluation results back to Dr. Paul Callaway at

Step 4: Dr. Paul will analyze your Initial Evaluation findings and full-swing video to build your custom golf fitness training, mental game coaching and total performance enhancement program to help you reach your identified goals.

Step 5: Dr. Paul will email your custom golf fitness training exercises with specific details on how to perform each exercise, mental game coaching exercise and swing re-education drill.

Step 6: You will also have the opportunity to schedule email, text, telephone, Skype and/or FaceTime video chat sessions, as needed, to discuss follow-up questions regarding any elements of your custom program design.

Step 7: Every month, thereafter, you will capture new golf swing videos and provide golf performance stats to email to Dr. Callaway so he can monitor your physical, mechanical and total golf performance gains and provide you with updated, custom exercises, mental game drills and swing re-education drills, as needed, to keep moving you toward your goals in the most effective manner.

Step 8: Also, with your '1% Club' Membership status, you will exclusive access to the private '1% Club' Facebook Group Page where you will be provided special information about all areas of total golf performance enhancement including golf nutrition, golf equipment technology, injury management and prevention, golf psychology, and swing training drills. Plus, you will be able to interact with other '1% Club' Members to share your golf experiences, and learn what other members are doing to experience rapid results.

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