Total Golf Mental Game ‘1-on-1’ Coaching Series

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Master your golf ‘mind’ to master your golf ‘swing’!
Get ‘5’ x golf ‘mental game’ coaching sessions with Dr. Paul Callaway, PT, PhD, CSPC (Certified Sports Psychology Coach)
100% 30-day Guarantee – Get all your money back if not satisfied after 30 days!

Your MIND MASTERY GOLF ‘mental game’ coaching series package will include:

  • ‘5’ x 30-60 minutes (as needed) ‘1-on-1’ golf ‘mental game’ coaching sessions with Dr. Paul Callaway, Ph.D, CPSC
  • Detailed golf ‘mental game’ assessment
  • Personalized golf ‘mental game’ coaching plan
  • Unlimited email, phone, text, and/or video-conferencing golf ‘mental game’ coaching support for the duration of the package
  • Golf ‘mental game’ coaching support calls before and/or after competitions as needed
  • Comprehensive, golf ‘mental game’ digital handouts, practice drills and self assessment sheets to support your program success

Your golf ‘mental game’ coaching sessions will cover important performance elements like:

  • Goal-setting using The ‘Goal-Getter’ Total Performance Achievement Program (Included for ‘FREE’ with this package!)
  • Setting process goals for each practice session and each golf round using your Mental Game Scorecard (Included for ‘FREE’ with this package!)
  • Golf-specific ‘mental game’ rehearsal
  • Relaxation skills
  • Using positive self-talk
  • Re-framing negative thoughts
  • Developing a consistent pre-shot routine using the training elements from the How to Practice: The’ Proper Practice’ Formula (Included for ‘FREE’ with this package!)
  • Golf simulation rounds during training
  • Establishing your simple ‘grounding’ techniques to quickly re-establish your golf mind-body-swing sequencing
  • Body language development
  • Staying in the ‘present’ and improving focus
  • Quieting your mind and activating your body before a shot
  • Learning how to simply and effectively ‘reset’ your golf mind to break through barriers to new, lower scoring potentials
  • Post-round analysis using a your Mental Game Scorecard


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