Think ‘Ahead’ To Think Like The Pros

One of the hardest parts about playing good golf is making the right choices and managing your way around the golf course. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the moment and ‘go for it’ on every shot. Therefore, effective golf course management skills are one of the things that separate today’s top touring pros from most amateur golfers like you and me. But, by simply thinking one shot ahead when you play, you can play smarter and lower your scores… just like the pros!


Here are ‘2‘ examples where thinking one shot ahead can save you strokes…

Thinking one shot ahead on Par 4’s

The next time you step onto the tee box of a Par 4 hole, resist your first instinct to reach for your driver and blast your ball as far up the fairway as possible. A smarter, ‘pro-like’ approach is to evaluate the length of the hole and take into account the next shot … your favorite approach shot distance … before selecting the club for your tee shot. For example, if the Par 4 that you’re about to play is 350 yards long and you know that you’re pretty solid using your 7-iron from 150 yards out, subtracting 150 from 350 leaves you with a tee shot of only 200 yards to set yourself up for that go-to 7 iron of yours. Not only does this put you in a great position to hit the green in regulation, but since you’re clubbing down off the tee you are also less likely to a wayward tee shot that could add significant penalty strokes to your score.

Thinking one shot ahead on Par 5’s

Likewise, if you hit a good tee shot on a Par 5, you might feel like taking out a fairway wood and smashing your ball as far as you can up the fairway toward the green. Again, the smarter ‘pro-like’ thinking is to calculate the distance to the hole and, once again, take into account your favorite approach shot distance to the center of the green (or to the pin). If you’re 225 yards away from the hole and your favorite approach shot distance is 100 yards all you need to do is hit a nice easy 125 yard shot to put yourself in perfect position for your approach. And, since you’re hitting a short iron instead of a long fairway wood you’re bound to be much more consistent and accurate with your second shot.

Thinking one shot ahead in these situations like the pros do will help you play smarter shots, lower your scores, and boost your confidence!

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Try these tips out for yourself and email me back to let me know how they work.

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Paul Callaway, PT, PhD, CSPC

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