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The “1% Club” Online Membership Program

Dr. Paul Callaway's “1% Club” is the simplest, most effective approach for helping your mind, body and swing get “golf-fit” online. This personalized program takes into account your age, skill level and physical fitness level, designing a singular training approach that will help you break through any plateaus. Take your golf performance to astonishing new heights-- without spending an arm and a leg!

Features and Benefits

  • Get your very own online golf-specific physical conditioning and mental game training program with Dr. Paul Callaway!
  • Train anytime and anywhere!
  • Easiest and most affordable program available to re-shape your golf body, mind and swing!
  • Revolutionary golf-specific body, mind and swing training exercises and drills!
  • Total golf performance improvement for ALL players at ALL levels!
  • Gain improved posture, balance, flexibility, strength, stability, speed, power, distance, and accuracy with enhanced mental focus, confidence and consistency in your game!
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Get Started Today:

The “1% Club” provides every member with complete online access to a customized golf training program for total mental and physical performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Step 1:

  • Visit the Callaway Golf Fitness online store to purchase your “1% Club” online training program.
  • Choose the “monthly” or “yearly” payment option-- whichever is best for you-- and click the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Your “1% Club” Membership Program materials-- including step-by-step instructions for how to complete your Initial Evaluation-- will be emailed to you directly as soon as you complete your purchase.

Step 2:

  • Follow the detailed instructions to complete your Initial Evaluation-- including the full-swing video-- and email the Initial Evaluation back to Dr. Paul Callaway.
  • Dr. Paul will analyze your Initial Evaluation findings and full-swing video to build your custom golf fitness training, swing re-education and total performance enhancement program to help you reach your identified goals.
  • Once completed, Dr. Paul will email your custom golf fitness training exercises with specific details on how to perform each exercise and swing re-education drill.
  • You will also have the opportunity to schedule Skype and/or FaceTime video chat sessions, as needed, to discuss follow-up questions or any elements of your custom program design.
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Achieve Your Highest Potential

The Callaway Golf Fitness “1% Club” Membership Program provides the most affordable and convenient vehicle to build a customized golf fitness and mental training program that can be easily performed online. For a very low membership fee, you can train from the comfort of your own home or while traveling-- whenever it is most convenient for you.

The “1% Club” Membership Program includes:

  • A fully remote initial golf-specific physical and mental performance evaluation, including a full swing video biomechanical analysis.
  • A customized golf fitness and golf mental training program design and progression from Dr. Paul Callaway
  • Downloadable golf fitness and golf mental training exercise instructional PDFs and videos-- accessible on your computer, tablet and/or smartphone.
  • Follow-up email and video-conferencing services for follow-up training, custom program advancement and support, as needed, with Dr. Callaway.

More “1% Club” Members Only Benefits:

  • The Callaway Golf Fitness monthly “Golf Mastery” Total Golf Performance e-Newsletter and “live” webinars.
  • Golf nutrition, golf injury treatment counseling, and total wellness support.
  • Golf mental game training info and coaching.
  • Performance Training e-Books.
  • Golf fitness and optimal body weight management tracking forms.

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