Two ‘Simple’ Ways To Improve Your Game NOW! 75% Golfers Need This!

Consider this…


The Human Body ‘Needs’ Water!

Recently, a survey was conducted with 25,000 golfers. The purpose of the survey was to gather specific data to help develop a new products that would help golfers of all skill levels improve their performance out on the course. The data collected certainly opened my eyes.

Here are the ‘top 2’ areas that affect most golfers:

• 42% of you said they suffer from sore muscles, causing poor flexibility, altering their swing mechanics, affecting both distance and accuracy, which leads to bad shots and lack of overall enjoyment.

• 33% of indicated that they run into physical or mental fatigue, leaving them feeling sluggish with a lack of strength, which causes poor judgment, weak drives, duffed shots or missed putts.

Now that’s a total of 75% of all golfers!

But get this… I took the data above and cross-checked it with other surveys that were conducted in the golf industry and came across a recent study that found that 75% of all golfers are dehydrated on the golf course.

Hmmm, 75% seems to be a consistent number here, don’t you think? A mere coincidence?


And when you combine the data with this survey, all the key areas centralize around hydration and the direct correlation to the golfer’s (body) performance.

What’s more, studies show that mental performance and physical coordination start to become impaired typically around 1% dehydration. Yes, that’s right… just 1%.

That said, I think it’s safe to say that proper hydration has an immensely positive impact on your game.

The key statistic to understand and remember here is that for every additional 2% dehydration (2% has been measured as the average dehydration levels of most golfers) we lose up to 40% mechanical efficiency (all body functions including balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, etc.) in our body. Let’s not forget to mention how your brain functions slow down which greatly impacts your decision-making process. Add the physical and mental elements together and you will be looking for your ball in the woods!

What many golfers don’t realize is that ‘what’ you drink, and ‘how much’ you drink are actually among the most important decisions you make on the golf course. Your choice can mean the difference between playing with energy, focus, and coordination, or suffering from fatigue, weakness and exhaustion.

Then there’s also loss of flexibility due to muscles tightening up… causing horrid swing mechanics, which leads to blades or chunks or even worse — injury!

One of my main responsibilities and objectives as a healthcare professional – and as a golf fitness training specialist – is to provide my golf clients with information about highly advanced and scientifically designed products to support their total health and to improve their performance out on the course. So, after confirming the research regarding 75% of all golfers needing to be more completely hydrated, I wanted to share what I know about a tremendous product that addresses each and every point that has any relation to the body becoming fully ‘re-hydrated’… I’m talking about something that could even be used for restoring hydration and providing essential nutritional support when it comes to curing the common cold!

And I am confident that, after you take the time to learn more about this product, you will agree when I tell you, this product is a real ‘hole in one’!

Now, it would seem that the most obvious option to address hydration is to simply pound down lots of water… and this is mostly true. However, it turns out, unless we are actually consuming both the ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’ of water that our body truly needs, we will fall far short of the requirements necessary to support the wellness and performance objectives noted above.


In order to drink the proper amount of water on a daily basis… not just during exercise, but also before, during and after practicing and/or playing golf… you should consume ½ your body weight in ounces of water… daily!


To support our body’s ability to take in the water ‘quantity’ that is made available to it and use it effectively for all the body functions at the cellular level, there is actually a water quality ‘recipe’. Besides passing the obvious ‘purity’, ‘taste’ and ‘smell’ tests, the quality water recipe must also include the proper pH (acid/base) balance, contain the proper amounts of trace minerals, oxygen levels, and have a hexagonal micro-cluster structural design. Water with these ‘quality’ characteristics is called PiMag water and is the ‘only’ water that will completely support our total health and performance needs.


Nikken PiMag Waterfall Water Treatment System

PiMag water is amazing and I highly encourage you to learn everything you can about it so you and your family can start benefitting from it as soon as possible. This highly-advanced water technology is scientifically designed to:

• Support energy
• Boost mental focus
• Support hydration
• Enhance endurance
• Improve recovery
• Lower the incidence of cramping
• Optimize muscle function
• Increase blood flow
• And support immune function….

I told you it was a ‘hole in one’!

And please remember, I would never make this strong recommendation to you unless it has passed the ‘Callaway’ Personal Use Test. I assure you, my decision to invest in this water technology over 10 years ago has brought tremendous wellness and performance benefits to our family. Likewise, I have observed very similar results from the 100’s of clients who have also brought PiMag water technology into their home.

I really hope that you take a strong look at the information I’ve provided here on the PiMag water and it’s simple and cost-effective delivery system for your home called the PiMag Waterfall. If you haven’t done so already, please take the time now to watch the information video and read everything you can about it on this Quick Reference Sheet.

Then, I’m very interested to know what your thoughts are. If you like what you see and learn, and if the information peeked your interest enough to want to take the next step by investing in this technology for yourself, that’s great news!

If you’re at that point in the process, here’s what you’ll need to do… CONTACT ME NOW so I can help you with the ordering process and get the best savings on the product. I’ll get back to you right away to answer any questions you may still have and/or help you place your secure order.

OH! There’s Just One More Thing…

As with most everything in life, there are gradients of relative benefit. And, in the case of hydration and energy support for optimal golf performance and total wellness, there is a GOOD, BETTER and BEST gradient as well!

By now, I have hopefully presented my case for how terrific the Nikken PiMag water as delivered through the PiMag Waterfall system is for you and your family in your home and/or office. It is really a ‘GOOD’ system! But, if you want an even ‘BETTER’ method for taking the wonderful health and performance benefits of the PiMag water with you onto the golf course to get the ‘BEST’ possible results, then you’ll want to have an easy and affordable delivery system for producing and consuming PiMag water that does not require carrying large containers of bottled PiMag water with you from your home or office to the course.

Trust me, if you’re serious about your game… then you’ll want to consider adding the PiMag Sport Bottle to your arsenal. And there will never be a better time than now!


Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle

If you’ve already decided to CONTACT ME to order your PiMag Waterfall system, I’ll provide you, as a SPECIAL BONUS, a FREE PiMag Sport Bottle!!!

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This is my special THANKYOU gift to you!

And just to assure you, I’m is so confident you’ll completely benefit from and enjoy these products… I’m willing to give you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, making this is a total ‘no-brainer’ and ‘100% No-Risk’ decision.

I’m offering a 100-day, 100% Satisfaction, Money–Back Guarantee… so you’ll have a full 100 days to get a full refund if, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you think you deserve to get everything out of your game and enjoy posting the low scores you’ve always dreamed of? Then, for the fastest service, simply secure your money-saving package by clicking here ==> ‘Improve My Performance Now!’ so I can help you complete the ordering process right away!

You simply have to try this! I look forward to hearing from you!

Your partner in success,

Dr. Paul
Paul Callaway, PT, PhD, CSPC

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