‘Warm Up’ A Must For Increased Swing Speed And Total Performance!

I get daily inquiries about what the ‘best’ stretches to do to properly and effectively ‘warm up’ before golf to reduce injury… but also to improve swing speed and overall performance potential during practice and play.


Pre-golf warm-up stretch

Warming up before you practice and/or play golf is essential! You definitely can increase your swing speed and ball striking consistency when you get your mind and body ready to play with the proper warm-up.

According to a study produced by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a dynamic warm up can have a significant impact on your clubhead speed.

In fact, following a study conducted on 20 golfers of matching gender, age and handicap, it appears those who performed dynamic warm up stretches as opposed to those who did nothing before play, clubhead speed was increased by over 24%!

Studies similar to the one just mentioned have shown that the best way to warm up just prior to a round of golf is through the use of ‘dynamic’ stretches.

Dynamic stretches are those that keep the body in constant motion. They are not stretches which you hold for 10, 20, 30 seconds or even longer. Golf-specific dynamic stretches are functional mobility exercises that are great for pre-activity warm-up as they prepare your golf body to function for the activity you are about to perform… the full motion, full speed, powerful, golf swing. Dynamic stretches, however, don’t typically provide long-lasting (beyond the golf practice session or golf round) flexibility/mobility improvements in your body unless they are also paired with ‘static’ stretches.

The static version of stretching, where you ‘do’ sustain the ‘light’, ‘comfortable’, stretch position for a longer period of time (could be up to several minutes, as needed, to experience the full soft tissue and joint complex tightness release) should be reserved mostly for your home exercises between your golf practice and play to help you gain more permanent full body, connective tissue, flexibility and functional mobility for your golf game.

So, with the dynamic stretches in your pre-golf warm-up, you will only be holding each stretch position for a maximum of 1-to-2 seconds, to help quickly increase your body temperature, connective tissue fluidity, and then keep your body temperature warm with fluid movements.

Take a look at one of my favorite ‘on course’ stretches below.
Try it this weekend and see what you think.

To perform this exercise…

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