What To Do ‘Before’ You Take Your First Swing!

After interviewing well over 1000 PGA and LPGA golf coaches and asking them what they felt was the #1 cause to the majority of full swing problems for the students they instructed, the overwhelming response was “a poor address posture”. In fact, most of the golf pros reported that up to 100% of the full swing flaws that they most commonly diagnosed in their student’s swings were a direct result of an improper golf posture at address.


That’s why, as a physical therapist working with golfers, I’ve always started off every custom golf fitness training program with my clients with a strong emphasis on their address posture… before they ever take their first swing!

Watch this brief video to learn how to address the golf ball correctly… and to set yourself up for more optimal full swing success.

Plus, after a great set up, learn how to perform a quick, easy and very effective PRE-GOLF WARM-UP SEQUENCE as the ‘next’ most important thing to do… ‘before’ making your first swing on the range and before you play your next round.

Your partner to success,

Dr. Paul

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