Winning Golf Defined: What It Takes To Be A Winner!

Even though you’re probably well into your competitive golf season, I thought I’d share with you some sage advice I’ve picked up over the years from my mentors in total performance training regarding what ‘winning’ golfers have in common to help you stay focused as you prepare for your upcoming competitive play and ensure your best possible results.

As a competitive golfer striving to perform at your very best, you will always want to focus on the aspects of total performance that ‘you’ can completely control. And, one of the few things that you as a golfer can completely control with regard to your game… is your attitude.

Wind, rain, poor lies, playing partners who play slowly or talk too much can be frustrating and are outside of your control. Players who learn to shut out these distractions and have a ‘winning attitude’ provide themselves the best chance to play at their peak level.


A winning attitude includes a combination of a proper identity (a balanced self-worth that is constantly grateful for the talents that have been given to you) with a healthy dissatisfaction with your current results… always appreciative of what you have while also wanting to expand and improve a little more each day.

• As a winner you believe in yourself – Without a strong belief in your own ability to execute shots, you will consistently doubt yourself on the golf course. Practicing enough of the ‘4’ essential golf-specific performance factors: mental training, physical training, skills training, and properly-fit golf equipment so that you have extra confidence stemming from the knowingness that you have outworked’ your competition in ‘all’ aspects of performance, and then going out on the course with belief that you’re capable of playing well is an important component of a winning attitude.

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